At Riester, we understand the needs and challenges of our customers in their daily medical routines. Our goal worldwide is to help healthcare providers improve the lives of patients.

Through innovation, cutting-edge technology, and our commitment to excellence, our portfolio of diagnostic devices is setting standards.

Founded in 1948 in Jungingen, Germany, Rudolf Riester GmbH was acquired by Halma plc in 2007. This transformed the company from a family-owned business into being part of an international group of companies. Today we are one of the leading manufacturing companies of diagnostic devices for primary and hospital care across the globe and distribute our products in more than 150 countries. Our core values are: Achievement,Innovation, Empowerment and Customer Satisfaction. These are integrated into all aspects of our daily business routine.



60 years of experience in developing and manufacturing of stethoscopes, paired with the innovation power and the uncompromisingly high standard of quality of a globally successful company allowed Riester to set a new standard for stethoscopes.The completely new constructed cardiophon 2.0 and duplex® 2.0 assign nothing less than a quantum leap in the quality of acoustics. So it is in the end the result of innovative detail solutions that lead to an oustanding product.


Blood pressure

Blood pressure devices of the highest standards for professional use. Full range of automated and aneroid blood pressure devices available.

World class blood pressure measurement, clinically validated to meet the highest international standards.

Automated blood pressure - clinically validated according to international standards (BIHS, EHS, AAMI)

Aneroid blood pressure - BIHS validated precision that lasts a lifetime


Diagnostic Station


Maintenance free diagnosis at your fingertips
Integrated diagnostic systems for clinical-grade monitoring of vital signs and advanced physical E.E.N.T. assessment.



Green efficiency and advanced lighting and optics ri-scope® L – premium hand-held ophthalmoscopes with renowned optics, reduced reflection and LED technology to enable a more efficient diagnosis with lower maintenance costs. Available with LED or Xenon illumination and a wide range of power supply options.



Bright light, green technology
e-scope® otoscopes use reflection-reduced optics and LED technology that results in a more efficient diagnosis and reduced maintenance costs. e-scope® otoscopes are available with fibre optics or direct Illumination.