Starkstrom's mission is to provide clinical infrastructure solutions to hospitals for their critical areas offering high quality products and services for improved patient outcomes, process and cost-efficiencies.

Since 1995, Starkstrom has specialised in the design, manufacture and servicing of isolated power supply systems, the touch screen Theatre Control Panel, Starkstrom's Automatic Transfer Switch (SATS), earthing accessories and a wide range of medical service pendants for the medical sector.


Theatre Control Panels

Starkstrom’s Theatre Control Panels (TCP), sometimes called Surgeon’s Control Panels or Operating Room Panels are typically wall mounted, flush metal enclosures that provide a focal point for monitoring and controlling the operating room environment. Clinical staff can adjust the controls of medical equipment and the operating room environment, and be alerted to any problems via alarms. Technical staff can easily inspect and maintain several different subsystems with minimum disruption to wall integrity. Stored information such as operating manuals or historic temperature and humidity levels can be easily viewed.


Clinical Pendants

Combining function and aesthetics, Starkstrom’s range of ceiling mounted clinical pendants provide convenient access to multiple gas, electrical and data outlets for use in critical care, operating, anaesthetic and ancillary rooms. The pendants are designed to help with infection prevention practices, improve workflow by providing a safe and organised environment for clinical staff, and be easy to maintain and service when required.