Welcome to Stiegelmeyer! Our company stands for comfortable modern beds and furniture in hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, we offer comfort beds for discerning private customers and a comprehensive range of services. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of residents and patients. At the same time, our products lighten the workload of personnel and help our customers to successfully achieve their goals. Discover the world of Stiegelmeyer and get in touch with us with any questions and wishes you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.


Bedside Cabinets

Together with the bed, the bedside cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in a care room. This is where the resident keeps important things for everyday use. It is also where carers store utensils they need to keep ready to hand during their work. Height-adjustable overbed tables serve as a base for meals and drinks or as a comfortable book rest. With Stiegelmeyer's comfortable bedside cabinets, you can be sure that the storage space you need is both safe and easily accessible.


Hospital Beds

The comfortable, cost-effective Evario is suitable not only for day-to-day patient care, but also for intensive care and for promoting a speedy recovery. Its modern control options are particularly attractive. The Protega split safety side is easy to operate and comes with excellent hygienic properties.



The Stiegelmeyer Mobilo is one of the most universal stretchers for use in the demanding hospital sector. With its sophisticated design, it adapts to the versatile requirements of complex hospital procedures. The Mobilo offers a high degree of safety and comfort for the patient due to its construction and its extensive equipment. The stretcher can therefore be used not only in the outpatient department, but also as a bed for day patients.


Libra Care

The Libra bed offers a maximum of choice and flexibility and can be customised to the smallest detail to meet every need of its residents and care staff. It offers people in need of care protection and comfort while promoting their mobility. Our optional Vario Safe system for tool-free attachment of the saftey sides, headboards and footboards contributes significantly to these advantages.