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Our company boasts about more than 50 years of tradition in electronic parts manufacturing. Because of that, our own development and production, qualified staff and the established quality system we guarantee the high quality of our products. This is acknowledged by our customers worldwide.


Newborn Beds

Newborn bed Belly is an ideal solution that provides the closest contact between a mother and child. The bed design offers a wide range of positioning, including height adjustment, which enables the bed to be placed over all common beds. The mother can thus care of her child directly from her bed.

Led Phototherapy Lamp

The Phototherapy lamp Lilly represents the top of the class. The state-of-the-art LED technology is used for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia treatment.

A unique apparatus combines safe therapy, ultra long life of radiators, treatment effectiveness and economical operation. It emits intensive light radiation within the spectrum of 440 – 470 nm to reduce bilirubin concentration in the neonatal body.

Neonatal Incubator

The SHELLY Incubator is already the fourth generation of newborn stationary incubators of TSE production. It is intended for both intermediate and intensive care. As a  modern medical product it provides high comfort for both the patient and healthcare personnel. Incubators are very variable and can be supplemented with a number of optional accessories. The great advantage of SHELLY is the low noise level in the patient space –  38 dB only. Life monitoring is optionally ensured by integrated Masimo Rainbow SET, which represents the top on the monitoring system market.