Welfor Medical Ltd was founded in February 2017 with a mission to streamline medical care in Trinidad and Tobago. Welfor Medical Ltd currently operates as Medical Case Management company aiming to find more organized solutions for patients throughout the nation. We work with you tirelessly to store your medical files, guide you to the right doctors, and give you professional advice on dealing with your diagnosis.

We book any appointment for you from direct physician care, to other health services. We get your priority appointments and find what’s best suited for your schedule.

Sit one on one with our dietitian to tailor make a nutritional plan for you. Included in your plan is one visit to our dietician to properly evaluate the best plan for your health.

All your medical files can be stored securely and safely at our offices. We can, at no additional cost, hold your hard copies as well as create digital copies for you which can be easily sent to any consulting physician with your approval. See our privacy clause which will show you have complete privacy and anonymity when storing your medical records with us.