About Us

The Welfor Medical group was initially started in 2017 with the initiative to combat the various areas of our health care system which needed to be addressed. Which is why our group covers medical supplies, preventative biosecurity measures and healthcare management. Our Medical Supplies division was started to fill the ongoing gap in access to high quality affordable medical supplies throughout the country. Our vision is to be a household name throughout the Caribbean.

We carry medically reviewed, high quality medical supplies and biosecurity solutions, both for sale and for rent. For example, we recently brought out a line of fully automated home care patient beds, which are not only available for sale, but also for rent. This is ideal for patients in recovery as it saves them from needing to purchase such a solution. We offer similar accommodations for wheelchairs and biosecurity supplies. Welfor also specializes in non-toxic disinfection solutions such as our new brand of alcohol free disinfectants, Qmist!

Welfor is also a service oriented company, we love our customers and our customers love us. We always put them first!

Not only is Welfor Medical a provider of solutions tailored towards biosecurity for COVID-19, but we have also worked with some of the nation’s industrial leaders in securing their buildings with infection control solutions.

During the pandemic, when it was at its worst, Welfor strived to keep our prices affordable, regardless of scarcity. We also publicly disseminated information to help educate and inform our citizens.

Welfor Medical’s office is disinfected daily. We also have our temperature and HealthGate brand, sanitizer stations set up, along with social distancing markers. Also, to encourage our customers to stay safe, Welfor continues to offer country wide home delivery and a full online store.

Welfor will always strive to be a part of the movement of our nation towards a higher standard and quality of care. We look forward to many years serving the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

– Team Welfor