350 Ankle Air Splint Coretech

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The Coretech 350 Ankle Air Splint provides you cushioning support for injured or weak ankles; it utilizes therapeutic compression to relieve pain and increase circulation while reducing inflammation and swelling in your ankle following surgery or injury. The exterior lateral and medial supports also stabilize your ankle for safe, easy mobility throughout the day. 

Universally designed for the right or left ankle, the ankle air splint features a slim heel strap that can be lengthened for a personalized fit. This also allows the brace to be used comfortably with any shoe style or size. A small hand pump is included for easy inflating and deflating of the side air panels for customizable compression and optimal ankle support. 


  • Rigid Side Supports
  • Designed to provide stabilizing support for ankle sprains, injury and instability.

  • Customizable Compression
  • Inflatable side panels stabilize the ankle and increase circulation with therapeutic compression. 

  • Easy Inflation
  • Includes a small hand pump to adjust the pre-inflated side air panels. 

  • Works With Any Shoe Style
  • Low profile heel strap allows the brace to be worn with any shoe style for all-day support.